Preliminary Program

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Wednesday 18 September
08:30 am Participant registration
09:00 am Opening Remarks. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Peru, Mr. Juan Jiménez Mayor.
  Remarks by the Chairman of the Board of OSIPTEL, Mr. Gonzalo Ruiz Díaz
09:30 am Conference
  "The role of Congress in protecting users of telecommunication services"
  Speaker: Mrs. Julia Teves Quispe. President of the Consumer Defense Commission and Regulatory Bodies of the public services of the Congress of the Congress of the Republic of Peru.
09:45 am Conference
  "Rights of Users of Telecommunications in the Europen Community"
  This conference will include topics related to the constitutional protection of the rights of the users, the experience in the application of tools to protect users in different countries, the role of associations of users / consumers and policy compliance monitoring framework user policy by the operating companies.
  Speaker: Mrs. Barbara Delaney. Retail and Consumer Services Director. ComREG, Ireland.
10:45 am Panel
  Mrs. Adriana Lobardini Inzunza. Commissoner, IFETEL, México.
  Mr. José Távara Martin. Academic Director of Economics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.
11:15 am Coffee Break
11:30 am Conference
  "Complaint Procedures for Users of Telecommunications Services"
  This conference will share different international experiences regarding claim procedures users, instances and deadlines, and skills for dealing with complaints relating to terminal equipment. This will also seek to share experiences in the use of alternative dispute resolution (mediation, conciliation and arbitrage of consumption) and the defense of common interests.
  Speaker: Mrs. Maria Corte-Real. Head of Unit at the Information to the Consumers and Consumer and Public Attendace Division - ICP - ANACAM, Portugal.
12:30 pm Panel
  Mrs. Maria del Pilar Torres. Regukatory Ciirdinator for User Protection, CRC, Colombia.
  Mrs. Ana Rosa Martinelli Montoya. Technical Secretariat of the Collegiate Bodies. OSIPTEL, Peru.

Thursday 19 September
09:00 am Conference
  "Regulation and Supervision of Quality Care of Telecommunications Services Customer by the Operating Companies"
  The International experience in regulating the quality of customer service, the regulatory framework for supervision and different techniques for measuring the level of user satisfaction with the provision of telecommunications services.
  Speaker: Mrs. Maria del Pilar Torres. Regulatory Coordinator for User Protection, CRC, Colombia.
10:00 am Panel
  Mrs. Barbara Delaney. Retail and Consumer Services Director. ComREG, Ireland.
  Mr. Hjalmar Marangunich Rachumi. Member of the User Council OSIPTEL - Central Region, Peru.
10:30 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Conference
  "International Experience in Telecommunications and Public Safety"
  Regulation relating to the prevention and punishment of the misuse of telecommunications services (outgoing calls from prisons for extortion / kidnapping or robbery); regulations malicious call treatment (threats, extortion, etc.), regulations and / or policies for the treatment of mobile terminal equipment stolen.
  Speaker: Mrs. Elisa Leonel Peixoto. Superintendent of User Relations. ANATEL, Brazil.
11:45 am Panel
  Mr. Marcelo Gutiérrez, Executive Director. ATT, Bolivia.
  Mrs. Natalia Ramírez. Legal Coordinator of Quality department. SUTEL Costa Rica.
12:15 pm Closing Ceremony
  Remarks by the Minister of Transport and Communications of Peru, Mr. Carlos Paredes Rodríguez.
  Remarks by Chairman of Board of OSIPTEL, Mr. Gonzalo Ruiz Díaz.
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