How we work

OSIPTEL, since the beginning of its activities, sought to develop a work methodology that would allow it to guarantee the greatest transparency in the regulatory decision-making. Hence, it included as part of its normative framework the following work mechanisms:

  • Obligation to pre-publish any general standard
  • It has allowed to know the opinion of the operating companies and also to know the problems that face the users of the services.

  • Public Hearing
  • A procedure used for the interested parties and the public in general to interact and give their opinion about those standards which affect the public interest.

  • Reconciliation mechanisms among the interested parties for the resolution of disputes
  • It has allowed the disputes submitted to OSIPTEL to be resolved by agreement between the parties through reconciliation.

  • Creation of ad hoc collegiate bodies
  • For the resolution of disputes among companies providing telecommunications public services.

  • Other activities
  • Such as conducting Seminars, preparing Publications and allowing the public to access OSIPTEL's Information and Documentation Services.