Institutional values

  • Quality of Service:
    It is doing things well and worry about always improve, providing an excellent service that exceeds the expectations of internal, external customers and suppliers.
  • Commitment:
    It goes beyond fulfilling an obligation, it is to do things with passion, take ownership of the objectives of the organization with a high level of responsibility to demonstrate cooperation and humility.
  • Innovation:
    The ability to create significant changes to improve products, services or processes, creating added value for stakeholders
  • Respect:
    It is the biggest consideration for all, showing kindness, good treatment, appreciation and care to something or someone.
  • Solidarity:
    It is to act with sensitivity and drive to help overcome the difficulties encountered in benefit of the organization and others with greater needs or disadvantages.
  • Teamwork:
    The ability to foster an environment of collaboration, communication and trust among team members to achieve the goals and higher levels of productivity.

Approved by Resolución de Presidencia N° 024-2015-PD/OSIPTEL