Regulation Contributions

Online Affidavit Record

Contributions Affidavit

OSIPTEL puts the record of the Contributions Affidavits at the disposal of the operating companies through the website, as per the published Resolution. To record the Affidavits, you must enter a user code and an access password.

If you should have any access problem, you may contact OSIPTEL Contributions or call telephone number 225-1313, extension 2363.

Important Note

Article 3 of Directive Board Resolution No. 085-2003-CD/OSIPTEL, published on August 25th, 2003:

It is worth pointing out that when the affidavit is submitted through OSIPTEL's website, you must send to OSIPTEL's offices, within the following seven (7) business days, the signed ORIGINAL affidavit, upon which compliance it shall be considered as received on the date on which the affidavit was recorded on OSIPTEL's website.